I have always loved post-apocaliptyc and cyberpunk themes. I grow up loving Blade Runner and other simillar sci-fi movies so back in 2011 I have decided to try and create something simillar of my own. Few weeks later Harbour was born. As a primary tool for modelling I stick to the basics, so my main tools for modelling were Maya and Zbrush, while for texturing and color correction I have used Photoshop.

As like with any personal project I do, I started from a very rough sketch, which then I translte into very basic layout. In this case I havent spent more than a few hours in total. Finally I have decided to abandon pier in the foreground because it was drawing too much attention from the central building.

The modeling of the main building was relatively easy, but because it had a lots of details it took a bit of time.I love all those intricate details and irregularities that can help a lot,so I have spent a lot of time refining them. Small elemnts like the broken window, fallen roof tiles, grass etc. gave a nice extra touch to image as well.

For the ocean, I used Maya ocean, but only for generating displacement map. I did not like the look of the ocean shader in the render, so for shading I have used Mia_Material_x with higher reflectivity, tinted blue.The ocean shader was then plugged into the displacement slot of the shading group. The result looked much better and more realistic.

The lighting was fairly simple. I used HDRI and one directional light, with GI turned on. The first idea was to create a completely diffused environment, with no direct light, but I realized that a bit of a lighting would give some dynamics to the image as a whole.